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Watercolor tryouts

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

I’ve really been enjoy­ing water color lately. For years I’ve pri­mar­ily used acrylics on wood and can­vas. I still love paint­ing with acrylics but recently water­col­ors have ener­gized my cre­ativ­ity level 100%. It feels very free and loose, and no wor­ries of 10 lay­ers of acrylic paint to achieve matte rich colors.

Below are my first two projects..

A col­lab­o­ra­tion illus­tra­tion in ben­e­fit for the won­der­ful Island Fold and their gra­cious artist retreat ser­vices they pro­vide. I have yet to take advan­tage of their hos­pi­tal­ity but I think I’ll have to visit very soon.

More about Island Fold and the project here. Islands Fold

Hol­bein WC + Staedtler pig­ment liner

Here is my sec­ond water­color, a present for my wife.

Hol­bein WC + Staedtler pig­ment liner